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Having the alien ripped out


I’m having The Alien (my gallbladder) ripped out of my insides! It’s six in the morning, I haven’t had any coffee and I’m bitter.

Rocky and Me, Hoover Dam, Oct 2013

Digging through my old photo backup and I ran across this set from our trip to Hoover Dam, during one of Rocky’s Las Vegas visits. (And look at that grin. He uses it like a weapon, you guys. Hehe.) More on Flickr.

Oola. 2005-2012

My sweetest (fussy, opinionated, bossy, adorable, pushy, cuddly, standoffish, more and more and more) cat had what turns out to be a small stroke Wednesday night, and another, larger stroke on Friday. After her vet visit Wednesday, the vet and I hoped she’d only had an ear infection that might clear up with an antibiotic shot. After the second stroke on Friday, which was clearly a stroke, she had a series of seizures on the way back to the vet, and I had her put to sleep at about midnight Friday, December 21. I miss her already. I will love her forever.