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If you’re a pro-Israel democrat

If you’re a pro-israel, “hamas are bad guys, tooooo!” democrat, can you please, one of you, explain the difference between Israel’s actions, here, and Trump’s foreign policy “solution” to dealing with ISIS?

“All Israeli crossings into Gaza now closed, fishermen blocked from going out to sea Supplies cannot get in, despite population being dependent on humanitarian aid The people are trapped

Firing rockets into population center is war crime. Does NOT justify collective punishment”

Trump: “The other thing with the terrorists is you have to take out their families, when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families.”

You Want to Pretend…

You want to pretend the UN Council on Human Rights is all just a buncha terrorist sympathizers, feel free, but your agenda is blatantly obvious, if you do.

Israeli snipers targeted medical aid personnel, disabled people and children, who, in no sane universe, presented any threat – and you know it. You’re just seeking to whitewash Israel’s long history of war crimes and human rights abuses.

But, of course, you’ve got anti-Hamas memes to argue your case, so with that kind of irrefutable evidence, I suppose we should all just pack up and go home.

From the report: The commission found that Israeli security forces used lethal force against children who did not pose an imminent threat of death or serious injury to its soldiers. Four of the children were shot as they walked or ran away from the fence.

Several children were recognizable as such when they were shot. The commission finds reasonable grounds to believe that Israeli snipers shot them intentionally, knowing that they were children.

On 14 May, Israeli forces killed Musa, who was wearing a high-visibility paramedic vest, with a shot to the chest approximately 300 m from the separation fence. Shortly beforehand, he had been treating wounded demonstrators near the Shuhada cemetery in North Gaza.

On 10 August, in Rafah, Israeli forces killed Abed, who was wearing a white paramedic jacket and carrying a red first-aid kit, with a shot to the chest as he was tending to a wounded demonstrator near the separation fence. He died that day.

Israeli forces also injured 40 health workers with live ammunition during the demonstrations. On 6 April, in Rafah, Israeli forces shot a paramedic in the back of the leg as he put a wounded demonstrator on a stretcher into the back of an ambulance…

(The report details various other incidents where snipers knowingly targeted non-protesters, including other medical aid personnel and journalists.)

Fadi, from Khan Younis, had had both legs amputated following an Israeli airstrike in 2008. On 14 May, Israeli snipers shot him in the chest at the Abasan Al-Jadida protest site, where he was sitting in his wheelchair with two friends approximately 300 m from the separation fence. He died immediately.

Ahmad, from the Jabaliya refugee camp, walked with crutches, having been injured by Israeli forces during a demonstration in 2017. On 20 April, Israeli forces shot him in the back of the head as he sat on a hill approximately 150 m from the separation fence. He died that day. (And again, the report details various other incidents where IDF knowingly targeted disabled protesters who posed no threat of violence or to the safety of IDF forces.)

Thanks to Rashida Tlaib, Palestinians Finally Have a Voice in Washington

For decades, Palestinian-Americans have been demonized and targeted simply for who they are. Our heritage was a liability in public office—not something to celebrate. Policy is made about us without us, furthering our invisibility in American society. It’s surreal that one of our own is now a sitting member of Congress, sworn in wearing a thobe and unapologetically speaking up for Palestinian rights and equality.


Call or Email your Senators TODAY – Anti-BDS bill in the Senate

Anti-BDS legislation is both unconstitutional, and morally wrong in the first place, but the idea that the Senate is dithering with this while Trump’s government shutdown drags on is unconscionable.

The Senate overview of the bill is here:

You can track progress on the bill at, here:

The bill passed cloture last week, and will be voted on by the full senate TODAY, Tue Jan 8.

HAPPENING TODAY! Please take a few minutes and let your senators know that we all have the right to boycott and it is a cynical move to try and sneak in anti-BDS legislation while government funding is at a standstill and workers aren’t getting paid.

 Update (Jan 9): The bill failed a cloture vote in committee yesterday, but of course McConnell moved to reconsider the bill anyway, and it’s on the schedule to be presented to the full senate in the next few days. There’s another tracker on the bill at Govtrack, here:

New Antisemitism Definition