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When Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico

When Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico, a US colony, Trump & the Republican Congress let 1000s die & didn’t restore power for 11 MONTHS.

Now the same people are using a blackout to push Venezuelans toward civil war… while strangling them with sanctions! Incredible hypocrisy.

US media have spent two years warning about foreign enemies

US media have spent 2 years warning about how foreign enemies could sabotage our electric grid with cyberattacks. Yet when #Venezuela‘s gov’t, targeted for regime change, claimed its grid was sabotaged, US media immediately dismissed it as a conspiracy theory. See how that works?

The parties of war and Wall St


Green State of the Union 2019

Jill Stein – Green State of the Union 2019

Join me for a Green State of the Union where we have the freedom to tell it like it is, as America's only national party that is unbought, unbossed, and unapologetically for people, planet and peace over profit!Almost 60% of Americans are fed up with the 2 parties of war and Wall Street dragging our world towards the breaking point. We deserve an America, and a world, that works for all of us. Let's build the better world we know is possible!

Posted by Jill Stein on Tuesday, February 5, 2019

2016 Ballot Access & Electoral College Count

I took the ballot access map Penny posted yesterday to the Community and dropped everything into a spreadsheet. As of today (Aug 31), we’re at a total of 475 potential electors, counting both states where we’ll appear on the ballot, and write-in states.

Update (9/1/16): Connecticut accepted our petition, and we’re on the ballot! I’ve updated the spreadsheet with new totals. The write-in and on-ballot total is now 482 electors.

Spreadsheets: Apple Numbers | Excel
PDF: 2016-Ballot-Access_Electors.pdf