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We took over from Spain and never left

You need to understand that colonialism in Latin America has never ended. They want you to break it up, into individual incidents, and the will of some “mistaken” Presidents because if you see the whole picture – it’s clear we took over from Spain & never left.

Empire Files: Trump is Expanding the US Empire

In the first installment of this multi-part series, Trump Expanding the Empire, Abby Martin debunks the notion that Trump is an anti-interventionist president, outlining his first two years of aggressive foreign policy that has expanded US wars and occupations.

WSWS | PNG crisis eases as Australia hints at military intervention

There should be no doubt that America, and its allies, are indeed imperialist states. If a doctrine of “pre-emptive war” justifies the occupation of Iraq, why not “pre-emptive” military action to maintain “stability” (read: Australia’s conservative government interest) in the South Pacific.

From World Socialist Website:

One of Papua New Guinea’s contending prime ministers, Peter O’Neill, yesterday strengthened his control of the key state institutions—the army and the police—after the Australian government let it be known that it had plans to intervene militarily, if necessary, to resolve a week-long constitutional stand-off.