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Detainees “Consented” to Rape and Sexual Abuse

All 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the federal government impose criminal liability on correctional facility staff who have sexual contact with people in their custody. These laws recognize that any sexual activity between detainees and detention facility staff, with or without the use of force, is unlawful because of the inherent power imbalance when people are in custody. Yet, one immigration detention center is trying to avoid responsibility for sexual violence within its walls by arguing that the detainee “consented” to sexual abuse.


Don’t Fall for the Bullshit

Don’t fall for the bullshit. The Trump administration’s blocked citizenship question on the census is unavoidably racist. If ICE and the rest of the immigration and detention apparatus really targeted every visa overstay in this country, you’d see a shitload of white Europeans getting deported every day.

The fact that you don’t should tell you what’s actually going on.