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Last summer in Atlantic City at the Bally’s beach club…

You want to go? Be gone.

Okay, so here’s the thing:

In the last day or so, I’ve just had a couple of family members make a public fuss of pretending to be offended by my position on gun control, gun violence, and the second amendment.

Both of these people have known me for decades; one of them is a cousin by blood who’s known me longer.

Neither of them were remotely surprised by my position, though they certainly pretended to be, so they can feel all satisfied with themselves. I will brook no fucking hypocrisy on this shit, whether or not we’re related.

Here is the simple truth: I will not be quiet about this.

If you’re my friend, you’ll either listen, or you won’t.

You don’t have to.

But you also don’t need to register your disagreement, just ’cause, you know, you’re one of the “good guys.”

The time for coddling everybody’s egos in this shit is over. It’s not about you. It’s not about your precious fascination with your “gun rights.”

It is about thousands, and thousands of dead people.

THAT MATTERS MORE than your obsession with guns.

I will not be quiet. I will not stop talking about this, yelling about this, and doing WHATEVER I can, however ineffectively, to change this.

If you don’t want to see it, don’t look.

If you’re “family,” and you feel the need to break off contact with me over this, FEEL THE FUCK FREE. You’ve done it all before, and you’ll do it all again.

I quite simply do not care about your bruised egos.

There’s far more important shit to worry about.

Having the alien ripped out


I’m having The Alien (my gallbladder) ripped out of my insides! It’s six in the morning, I haven’t had any coffee and I’m bitter.

Adding some oldies but goodies…

In my ongoing efforts to consolidate the 219 blogging/social media platforms I’ve tried out and abandoned over the last three or four years (sigh), I’m reposting some oldies but goodies from elsewhere that ought to be kept around now that I’m safely back in the comfy chair that is my old Blogger account. Hehe.

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