Congress moves to strengthen the fight against wildlife trafficking

Congress moves to strengthen the fight against wildlife trafficking, an industry that threatens the survival of so many wildlife species and poses serious global security and public risks.

A mother elephant walking with her calf in the grass.


“In a groundbreaking decision, the Islamabad High Court in Pakistan has recognized that animals have legal rights and are entitled to protection under the nation’s constitution.” Read more via ALDF:

Please don’t buy pets…

There are millions of unadopted animals in shelters, right now. Please don’t buy from breeders and pet stores.

BIG WIN FOR PUPPIES: Our 2017 investigation of NYC pet store Chelsea Kennel Club revealed that the store failed to care for ailing animals & knowingly sold sick puppies. The former operator of this pet store has been ordered to pay nearly $4 million in fines and restitution.

Glen Greenwald on The Intercept

Glen Greenwald is spot on, as usual. Oh, and, of course the white kid trying to start a “race” war “isn’t” a terrorist, Glen. Only white folks with unpopular views are terrorists.

“Yet another reason is that the specific forms of activism this movement has cultivated are shrewd and compelling: As is true for so many types of violence, the savagery, torture and sadism that makes these industries so profitable will be collectively tolerated only if we are not forced to confront their reality.”