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Andrew Yang’s UBI Proposal

At the debate, Andrew Yang talked up his UBI proposal with a value added tax as a way to pay for it. What he tried to avoid is the hard truth of WHY libertarians like Yang actually want it: it’ll lower his tax bill by eviscerating the existing, already inadequate social safety net.

Sales taxes like VAT disproportionately burden working class and poorer people because they don’t have the disposable income that capitalists like Yang have. Eliminate the tax burden of funding existing public assistance, unemployment, and other components of the social safety net and millionaire capitalists like Yang are due for a nice, fat tax break.

Yang likes to present himself as a “Valley entrepreneur,” but he’s actually a venture capitalist, and like all capitalists he seeks to have his investment income taxed as cap gains, and not income – because it means he’ll pay far, far less as a percentage of income, than the majority of people earning taxed wages.

Yang’s UBI is not progressive. It’s a tax cut for the already wealthy capitalist class, pure and simple.

Even the low bar…

But Wednesday night’s debate did not clear even the low bar that Perez set. Over the course of two hours, approximately seven minutes were devoted to the top existential threat facing humanity. And only four of the ten candidates on stage were asked directly about how they intend to rapidly reduce carbon emissions over the next 11 years—something that must be done to preserve a livable planet for future generations.

We’re an hour in…

We’re an hour into tonight’s #DemDebate and there’s been no direct question on #climatechange.

That’s despite the DNC pledging to make it a top issue in the debates after refusing to host a full debate on the issue.

Dear DNC

Dear @DNC,

We’re 1 hour into the #DemDebate and there have been ZERO climate qs.

You told us things would be different than 2016.

You told us the climate crisis was a priority for you.

Enough with your lame excuses. Enough hiding behind locked doors.

Host a #ClimateDebate.

Hey Beto…

Hey Beto O’Rourke: quick tip. Answering partially in decent Spanish isn’t actually a substitute for having no concrete policy proposals for what to do to dismantle decades of Clinton-Bush-Obama-Trump racist immigration policy.

Almost everyone tuning into the debate, along with most Hispanic Americans, understands English. It was just Beto being Beto, useless pandering by a mediocre candidate desperate to stand out from the crowd.
– Washington Examiner

Biden “doesn’t have time” to explain his healthcare plan

Because his “healthcare plan” amounts to “whatever the insurance industry wants.”

As Joe Biden storms through Iowa and prepares for his first visit as a presidential candidate in South Carolina, the Democratic front-runner has said he doesn’t “have the time” to lay out the details of his healthcare plan.

“I don’t have time; I don’t want to keep you standing any longer,” Mr Biden said recently in Iowa City, declining to lay out his vision for America’s healthcare future to the assembled crowd, according to POLITICO.

Happy Birthday, Karl Marx

From the Howie Hawkins Campaign:

Happy 201st birthday to one of the world’s most important thinkers, Karl Marx.

Marx (and his collaborator, Engels) understood that our ecosystem is vibrant and intricate, where balance is key and where we can’t often control the outcomes of our impact.

It’s time for system change, not business as usual. Get involved at

Das Kapital, Volume III, Part IV:


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