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This is what you’re supporting

The right-wing “pro-democracy” opposition we’ve been supporting for the better part of two decades has burned multiple people alive.

This is what you’re supporting when you claim you want to “help” the people of Venezuela by supporting this shit.

“Democracy champion” Guaido has deleted tweets showing him leading one of the violent “guarimba” street riots that plagued #Venezuela starting in 2014, in which armed right-wing extremists burned public buildings & lynched both police officers & civilians.

Content warnings: torture, violence.

One Million and Counting

Jill Stein, via Twitter: 

Pompeo’s “Hezbollah in #Venezuela” is like the new “Iraq did 9/11”, but way crazier. Who still believes a thing NeoCons say after they lied us into disastrous regime change wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya & more?

NEVER FORGET: their lies have killed 1M people & counting!


No, PayGo is not about fiscal responsibility.

No, folks, PayGo is not the Speaker being fiscally responsible. That’s the lie they’d like you to believe. Speaker Pelosi can get around PayGo and pass any budget bill she wants, simply by using the emergency provision. Declare it an emergency budget proposal, and PayGo is irrelevant.

It’s a rule change, not a federal law. The next House session can suspend PayGo, or adopt new rules with a simple majority. Republicans have done this several times.

The only Constitutional requirement is that the House adopts its rules, or the Senate adopts its rules with a simple majority of the quorum present. Speaker Pelosi could suspend PayGo tomorrow with half the caucus present, provided it was a simple majority of the votes present at the time.

PayGo has nothing to do with “fiscal responsibility.” Not one thing.

PayGo is a poison pill to kill Medicare for All, and any other progressive legislation that would upset Speaker Pelosi’s meal ticket in the health insurance industry. That’s all it’s for.


The US is orchestrating a coup in Venezuela

From the Santa Clara Green Party:

The US is orchestrating a coup in Venezuela to remove the twice democratically elected socialist President Nicolas Maduro from power and seize control of the country’s oil resources (the largest in the world) and gold reserves.

The US and its allies (among them Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, the UK, Sweden, Columbia, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile) have recognized Juan Guaido, the President of the National Assembly and leader of the opposition, as the legitimate acting president of Venezuela.

They imposed additional economical sanctions on Venezuela while freezing the country’s assets abroad in an effort to further destabilize the socialist regime and topple Maduro. At the same time, the EU, Canada and some Latin countries are calling for new elections and pushing the Military – that is still supporting President Maduro – to cooperate with the opposition to allow the passage of humanitarian aid.

Maduro is resisting, calling this offer and the sanctions an excuse to start an invasion. Meanwhile, the US is mobilizing its armed forces for a possible military intervention.

This scenario, now supported by the EU, follows a pattern of other coups the US has orchestrated in Latin America throughout the 20th century to overthrow democratically elected left-wing regimes and take over their natural resources: Guatemala in 1954, Brazil in 1964, Chile in 1973, Argentina in 1976, and many more.



Champagne Boycott?

The demand from pro-Israel advocates for boycott consistency has little to do with a belief in the need for ethical purity in all matters. Rather, it’s another attempt at deflection.

Much easier to talk about “hypocrisy” from BDS supporters than have to defend home demolitions on the West Bank caused by Israel’s separate and unequal jurisdiction in the Occupied Territories. 82 homes were destroyed in 2018 alone.

Much easier to keep insisting that Israel is a liberal democracy and Jerusalem is the undivided capital of the Jewish people than discuss why 330,000 Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem will not get to vote in Israel’s General Election in April.

Much easier to talk-up the threat of Iran’s nuclear weapons programme than acknowledge that Israel has been in possession of nuclear weapons for decades but still denies it.


The parties of war and Wall St


Green State of the Union 2019

Jill Stein – Green State of the Union 2019

Join me for a Green State of the Union where we have the freedom to tell it like it is, as America's only national party that is unbought, unbossed, and unapologetically for people, planet and peace over profit!Almost 60% of Americans are fed up with the 2 parties of war and Wall Street dragging our world towards the breaking point. We deserve an America, and a world, that works for all of us. Let's build the better world we know is possible!

Posted by Jill Stein on Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Watching dude Twitter lose its collective shit…

Watching dude twitter flip the entire fuck out over being told they don’t get to unilaterally order women to smile in public raises a couple of points: if it’s exhausting to me, imagine how much more exhausting it is for the women who have to live with this shit every. single. day. Secondly, dudes, if you still can’t see it, let’s flip it around. You should totally smile. On my demand. Because I think you look more attractive when you do. So smile more. Because I want you to be pretty.

We took over from Spain and never left

You need to understand that colonialism in Latin America has never ended. They want you to break it up, into individual incidents, and the will of some “mistaken” Presidents because if you see the whole picture – it’s clear we took over from Spain & never left.

The question of whether or not Maduro is good or bad…

The question of whether or not Maduro is good or bad is an intentional misdirection. The point is this: the US has no right to be staging a coup in Latin America, period, let alone for the purpose of stealing Venezuelan resources under the guise of “fostering democracy.”