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This is their nightmare scenario

It’s genuinely hilarious that this is their nightmare scenario. “Free hormones! Dept of TAXING THE RICH!”

Yes please. All of this.

Most jingoist American propaganda

Weirdly enough, most jingoist American propaganda actually makes sense if you just add “for rich people.”

“Land of the free…” for rich people
“Best country in the world…” for rich people
“Capitalism is great…” for rich people
“Infinite opportunity…” for rich people

Oil was actively being extracted

RIA Novosti – The Russian Ministry of Defense has published satellite intelligence images, showing American oil smuggling from Syria.

According to the ministry, the photos confirm that €œSyrian oil, both before and after the routing defeat of the Islamic State terrorists in land beyond the Euphrates river, under the reliable protection by US military servicemen, oil was actively being extracted and then the fuel trucks were massively being sent for processing outside of Syria.

So, what is ranked choice voting?

Ranked Choice Voting

Have you proposed Ranked Choice Voting in your area? RCV eliminates vote splitting known as the spoiler effect, fosters civil elections, reduces election cost, and leads to greater diversity among elected officials, particularly for women and people of color.Propose RCV in your community for fairer elections:

Posted by Dario Hunter on Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Against public outcry and expert warnings

Against public outcry & expert warnings, #Philadelphia is attempting to ram new voting machines down voters’ throats that CANNOT BE VERIFIED. That means if these machines are used in the 2020 election, there will be no way to know if the election results are true! #StopTheMachine