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June 2019

Grassroots activists ride in the trunk

Grassroots Democrat activists can supply energy and credibility to their party, but they ride in the trunk, not in the front seat. There are no transmission belts between their policy wishes and what elected Democrats actually do. Elected Democrats take their orders from wealthy funders, not their party’s leftish activists. This is one of the things that the Green Party gets right.

Don’t Fall for the Bullshit

Don’t fall for the bullshit. The Trump administration’s blocked citizenship question on the census is unavoidably racist. If ICE and the rest of the immigration and detention apparatus really targeted every visa overstay in this country, you’d see a shitload of white Europeans getting deported every day.

The fact that you don’t should tell you what’s actually going on.

Andrew Yang’s UBI Proposal

At the debate, Andrew Yang talked up his UBI proposal with a value added tax as a way to pay for it. What he tried to avoid is the hard truth of WHY libertarians like Yang actually want it: it’ll lower his tax bill by eviscerating the existing, already inadequate social safety net.

Sales taxes like VAT disproportionately burden working class and poorer people because they don’t have the disposable income that capitalists like Yang have. Eliminate the tax burden of funding existing public assistance, unemployment, and other components of the social safety net and millionaire capitalists like Yang are due for a nice, fat tax break.

Yang likes to present himself as a “Valley entrepreneur,” but he’s actually a venture capitalist, and like all capitalists he seeks to have his investment income taxed as cap gains, and not income – because it means he’ll pay far, far less as a percentage of income, than the majority of people earning taxed wages.

Yang’s UBI is not progressive. It’s a tax cut for the already wealthy capitalist class, pure and simple.


5 minutes and 27 seconds. That’s how much was spent on climate during the 2016 presidential debates.

Last night’s Democratic Debate was not much of an improvement. The climate is not a “single-issue” topic — and it should be at the forefront of the conversation.

5 minutes and 27 seconds. That’s how much was spent on climate during the 2016 presidential debates. Last night's…

Posted by Greenpeace USA on Thursday, June 27, 2019

When they say…

When they say, “that’s not how things work in the real world,” we say, “not yet.”

Corporations Are Killing Our Planet

Corporations are killing our planet.


I urge you to collaborate and work with Greenpeace to phase out single-use plastic packaging and invest in alternatives to ensure that plastic from your company’s products are never found in our oceans, waterways, or coasts ever again.

A Greenpeace diver holds a banner reading “Coca-Cola is this yours?” and a
Coca-Cola bottle found adrift in the garbage patch.
The crew of the Greenpeace ship MY Arctic Sunrise voyage into the Great Pacific Garbage Patch document plastics and other marine debris. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a soupy mix of plastics and microplastics, now twice the size of Texas, in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean.