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March 2019

No one is suggesting growth is impossible

For those of you telling me that you think Tulsi Gabbard’s apologies for her past hideousness on LGBT issues and toward queer people are sincere, well, that’s nice for you. But I came out as a baby fag in 1984 right in the middle of an entire society was more than content to let us all die, hearing how their god was visiting his wrath upon the country because I existed. I’ve been down this road before, and I know precisely how conditional so-called “tolerance” from christians is really is. Y’all wanna crow about her endorsement from HRC, feel more than free, but I remain suspicious, because hard experience has taught me that it’s fucking stupid to do anything else.

Precisely no one is suggesting that it’s impossible for people to change their minds, and to grow. But if that “growth” is conveniently timed with your run for Congress, and you’re reminding everyone how much you’ve “grown” now that you’re running for President, well… that ain’t growth, folks. It’s political expediency. If you’re smart, you’ll trust that that’s only ever going to last long enough for Gabbard to “evolve” into something else.

It’s worth noting that despite fawning praise from zillionaire lobbies like HRC, Gabbard is more than willing to point out that her “personal views” haven’t changed a bit.

A 2016 profile of the combat veteran published in Ozy suggests otherwise: “She tells me that, no, her personal views haven’t changed, but she doesn’t figure it’s her job to do as the Iraqis did and force her own beliefs on others,” noted reporter Sanjena Sathian.

You guys want to trust her? Knock yourselves out.

But don’t expect anyone else to do the same.

“I don’t call it aid…”

Israel is the 7th or 8th largest arms exporter worldwide. @SpeakerPelosi is right that US military aid to Israel isn’t actually aid – it’s political theater so the US will look like it’s doing something meaningful while pretending it can’t see Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.

Meanwhile, at the #AIPAC conference, Nancy Pelosi assures attendees that even if the #GolanHeights move causes the US to crumble to the ground, the only thing that will remain is its servitude to #Israel.

There are legitimate problems in Venezuela

There are legitimate issues in Venezuela. They need to be debated and addressed by Venezuelans. It is not our role to send our military and tell Venezuelans how their problems should be solved.

Jill Stein's Fireside Chat – Hands Off Venezuela!

Welcome to the Fireside Chat, where we rise up as empire doubles down! Tonight we say no to regime change in Venezuela. US hands off! No invasion. No sanctions. No sabotage! This is not about taking sides in Venezuela. It's about taking the "side" of international law. Either we live by the rule of law, or the law of the jungle. Let's make it the former! Join me to support dialogue as proposed by the UN, the Vatican, Mexico and Uruguay. Let's grow the movement for a peaceful, just future for all! Join the conversation – share your thoughts, questions and stories!

Posted by Jill Stein on Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Like WMD in Iraq…

Like weapons of mass destruction with Iraq and & now the dictatorship of Maduro, what should be lesson of Russiagate? Understand that the capitalist state & corporate media have interests different than from the people. Don’t let them manipulate you & never believe them.

If you’re a pro-Israel democrat

If you’re a pro-israel, “hamas are bad guys, tooooo!” democrat, can you please, one of you, explain the difference between Israel’s actions, here, and Trump’s foreign policy “solution” to dealing with ISIS?

“All Israeli crossings into Gaza now closed, fishermen blocked from going out to sea Supplies cannot get in, despite population being dependent on humanitarian aid The people are trapped

Firing rockets into population center is war crime. Does NOT justify collective punishment”

Trump: “The other thing with the terrorists is you have to take out their families, when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families.”

Good for Tulsi Gabbard, but…

Investigation reveals Pence and Bolton lied to promote US regime change in Venezuela. Nothing new there. I wonder why CNN, MSNBC, FOX, etc. haven’t shared this information with the American people. Kudos to New York Times

The Times piece is here:

It wasn’t just Pence and Bolton. Good for Gabbard for highlighting this, but this blame game included Marco Rubio, State Dept officials Mike Pompeo, Kimberly Breier (, the State Dept’s propaganda account and more, including corporate media. This wasn’t just a couple of administration officials talking out of their asses. This was a specifically crafted narrative, which US and allied media was knowingly complicit in.

Glenn Greenwald, writing at The Intercept:

Those last two tweets – using video footage to debunk the lies spread by Marco Rubio, CNN and the U.S. Government – happen to be from a correspondent with RT America. Please tell me: who was acting here as lying propagandists and agents of State TV and who was acting like a journalist trying to understand and report the truth?

So everything the New York Times so proudly reported last night has been known for weeks, and was already reported in great detail, using extensive evidence, by a large number of people.

No one can actually believe this is another “accident”

No one can actually believe this is another “accident”—that Venezuelan oil equipment just keeps “mysteriously” exploding. This is obviously intentional sabotage from the rightwing opposition

The journalists pretending otherwise are spineless stenographers

PDVSA President Manuel Quevedo on Wednesday night tweeted that the company had been victim of “terrorist incursions” by political adversaries of President Nicolas Maduro.

The OPEC member’s oil industry is struggling under the weight of sanctions the United States slapped on PDVSA in a bid to force Maduro from power, and from a blackout that began last week that hit the main Jose oil shipment terminal as well as refineries and upgraders.

Our opportunity to halt global warming was 30+ years ago

Our opportunity to halt global warming was 30+ years ago when Democrats fell all over themselves to tell you how “unrealistic” it was.

How’s that claim looking, now?

Planning on moving to a different planet?

New study: if we stop emissions immediately, Arctic still warms 5C/9F by century’s end. We’re not stopping global warming any more; we’re fighting like hell for a level that civilizations might survive. #ClimateStrike

When Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico

When Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico, a US colony, Trump & the Republican Congress let 1000s die & didn’t restore power for 11 MONTHS.

Now the same people are using a blackout to push Venezuelans toward civil war… while strangling them with sanctions! Incredible hypocrisy.