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January 2019

The signs could not be clearer…

It’s looking more and more like we’re headed toward a proxy war in Venezuela – or a ground war, if the neocons have their way.

This should be deeply disturbing to any American Leftist.
The signs could not be clearer.
Are @SenSanders and @AOC going to use their position to say/do something about it?

See this report, over at Politico, on Abrams appointment as special envoy for Venezuela:

Elliott Abrams, a controversial neoconservative figure who was entangled in the Iran-Contra affair, has been named as a Trump administration special envoy overseeing policy toward Venezuela, which has been rocked by a leadership crisis.
Abrams’ appointment, announced Friday by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, is something of a surprise — President Donald Trump nixed his 2017 bid to be deputy secretary of State after learning that Abrams had criticized him.

Reopening the Federal Government

While I’m glad we’re finally seeing an end to some of this idiocy, and of course I’m glad that federal employees who’ve gone without pay for more than a month may finally be getting some relief, a couple of things:

  • A three-week continuing resolution isn’t very long – and I’m sure we’ll be back to the same tantrum from Cheetolini as soon as it expires. (I doubt very seriously that anyone will ever get through to the President that what he’s doing is hurting people. He doesn’t care.)
  • While it’s good that a fast-tracked bill to ensure back pay is part of the package, don’t forget that seven Republicans voted against the original legislation that first passed the House on the eleventh. (See:

And the debt ceiling and the next budget will have to pass Congress, and get signed by the President soon enough. He still has plenty of opportunities to do this all again.

I genuinely fear that this is all far from over.

A Democratic Senate aide said the Congressional Research Office told Collins’ office the agencies should be able to process paychecks within a few days after the continuing resolution is signed. That will include backpay.

Come My Way

I mean, I can’t even… “Ooooh boy, I see you… Come my, come my waaaaaay…”