Call or Email your Senators TODAY – Anti-BDS bill in the Senate

Anti-BDS legislation is both unconstitutional, and morally wrong in the first place, but the idea that the Senate is dithering with this while Trump’s government shutdown drags on is unconscionable.

The Senate overview of the bill is here:

You can track progress on the bill at, here:

The bill passed cloture last week, and will be voted on by the full senate TODAY, Tue Jan 8.

HAPPENING TODAY! Please take a few minutes and let your senators know that we all have the right to boycott and it is a cynical move to try and sneak in anti-BDS legislation while government funding is at a standstill and workers aren’t getting paid.

 Update (Jan 9): The bill failed a cloture vote in committee yesterday, but of course McConnell moved to reconsider the bill anyway, and it’s on the schedule to be presented to the full senate in the next few days. There’s another tracker on the bill at Govtrack, here:

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