1. is there a link to the study of yours that Abby refers to in the pod (% of registered dems in midwest voting Trump)? thanks in advance.

    • Hi Bart,

      The Twitter thread Abby was referring to is here:

      The data I’m using is from CNN (the exit polling), and Politico (for the 2016 state-by-state vote):

      If you don’t want to go through the Twitter thread, here’s the condensed version of my argument:

      Exit Polling (CNN):
      9% of Democrats in Michigan voted for Trump
      7% of Democrats in Wisconsin voted for Trump
      11% of Democrats in Pennsylvania voted for Trump

      Wis: 47.9% Trump, 46.9% Clinton, Stein 1.1%
      Mich: 47.6% Trump, 47.3% Clinton, Stein 1.1%
      Penn: 48.8% Trump, 47.6% Clinton, Stein 0.8%

      There were about 9x as many crossover Democrats voting for Trump than there were Jill Stein votes in total. But, of course, we never talk about the Dems running an awful campaign that ceded 2012 Obama voters to the Republican, so let’s blame Green Party voters, Jill Stein, and Susan Sarandon instead.

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