What terms and acronyms are commonplace in the LGBTQ community but little known outside of it? (Quora Answer)


“Switch” may be more common among women – I rarely hear men describe themselves this way (gay guys tend to say “versatile” … which inevitably leads to Teh Funneh: if he says he’s versatile, he’s probably a bottom. ūüėČ

Then, of course, there’s Drag Lexicon:

Kaikai: sex, in drag, with another queen.

Shade: (less common: “throwing shade”) artfully crafted insult, generally carries a negative connotation (“That Bianca is a shady b****” = Bianca loves to insult everyone she sees.)

T: “truth,” but counterintuitively, equivalent to shade (“I’m not here to insult you, huntee, just to impart some truth” – these are often THEN even more confusingly used together as…)

No T, No Shade: “I am not here to read you, b****, just to inform you of the facts.” (Occasionally used to mean, “I’m being completely serious, here” as in, “No shade, no T, Bianca is a straight up size queen.”)

No T: “I’m not saying this to insult you” (actual meaning: I’m saying this to insult you.)

Read: insult, but more lovingly, often occurring amongst queens who adore each other – but you may not know it, watching a read in progress. This generally doesn’t carry the negative connotation that “shade” does.

Read for Filth: A read so comprehensive and profound that there’s really no saving face at this point. You may as well pack up and go home. Relocating to Greenland wouldn’t be out of the question.

The Library Is Open: run for cover, reading imminent.

Huntee: “Honey.” Useful meeting & parting greeting for persons of all conceivable sexes, genders, species, etc. Can also be used ironically, to sass someone who’s been giving you hassle.

Paint (older) / Beat your face (newer): Get in drag; specifically, do your face. (Club owner: “What do you mean Bianca is 3 hours late? [see: Drag Standard Time] Dresser: “Um. You know she has to paint.”)

Drag Standard Time: You are scheduled to appear at 6:00. You arrive three and a half hours late. Yes, honeys, the world does stop and wait on your ass, because you’re just that fierce.

In Face: In drag

Giving Face: You look great tonight. Usually less emphatic than “fierce.” (“You’re giving some serious face tonight, Momma.”)

In Girl/In Boy: In or out of drag. Usually an interrogative. (“Will the after party be in girl or boy?”)

Fierce: You look incredible. (“Momma, the fierceness you are giving me!”)

Giving: To evoke a particular style. (“She’s giving you Kate Jackson in Charlie’s Angels tonight, huntees!”)

Serving: Similar to giving, but generally used to refer to the audience. (“Bianca is serving you some serious tilapia, tonight, bitches.” Bianca looks exceptionally fishy. “Bianca is serving you full. on. couture, you whores!” Bianca is working a particularly high fashion look, in this next number. Etc.)

Baking/Cooking: letting your foundation settle on your face, after contouring, before blending. See Beat Your Face.

Realness: can be similar to fishy; also refers to evoking a particular drag or iconic style. (“Bianca is working some serious Gucci realness, huntee.”)

Sickening: “I look so good, you don’t even have to compliment me, huntee… it’s presumed.” (“B****! That look is sickening.”)

Gagging: Complimentary “I f***ing LOVE <fill in the blank>” (“That hair has me gagging, momma!”)

Fishy: convincingly female. (“Momma, you are serving fish this evening!” “Have you seen Bianca? Over there – the fishy girl.”)

Girl: Your good friend (gender non-specific, but queens tend to refer to other queens this way. “Girl, you are looking fierce tonight!” Similar to the camp gay usage.)

Momma / Mama: older queen (though, being the catty bitches they are, that could mean she’s 35.)

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