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August 2016

OMG it’s me with Jill Stein!

This was earlier this year, when Dr. Stein spoke at the GPNJ convention. I look like a complete idiot, but I was so excited to meet her.


2016 Ballot Access & Electoral College Count

I took the ballot access map Penny posted yesterday to the Community and dropped everything into a spreadsheet. As of today (Aug 31), we’re at a total of 475 potential electors, counting both states where we’ll appear on the ballot, and write-in states.

Update (9/1/16): Connecticut accepted our petition, and we’re on the ballot! I’ve updated the spreadsheet with new totals. The write-in and on-ballot total is now 482 electors.

Spreadsheets: Apple Numbers | Excel
PDF: 2016-Ballot-Access_Electors.pdf


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