I’m not scared. I’m angry.

As an american queer, are you scared now?

I’m not scared, or at least, I’m no more scared today than I was yesterday, or last month…

But I do have a heightened awareness.

Today, I’m even more aware of how ephemeral our civil rights gains actually are – and I’ve been through this once before.

I’m aware of how desperately news coverage needed this to be a case of “international, islamist terrorism” rather than a homophobic attack on a gay club, because straight folks will care about the former, but it’s not at all sure they give much of a shit about the latter. I can very clearly see this as a case of a homophobic dude who saw a couple of gay men kissing, and flipped out…

And it angers me, in a way I haven’t been angry since ACT UP, that it takes framing this as “islamist terrorism” before the normals give a shit about it.

I’m not scared, or at least, I’m not any more scared than I was.

But I am less willing to think we’re making progress with those normals.


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