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June 2016

Make America Great Again?

I’m starting to rethink the approach that we’re using to respond to Trump’s “make america great again.”
No, America isn’t already great.
Some things need to change; some things need to improve. We aren’t accomplishing anything pretending that everything is just fine.
Every single month, trans people are murdered because they are trans. Because we buy into the stupid bullshit that says hate crimes don’t exist (except in cases where we’re begrudgingly forced to, in cases where racial bias is absolutely undeniable), it will come as a galloping shock to precisely no trans people that none of these crimes are prosecuted as hate crimes.
LGBT people overall are more likely – than any other typically targeted group – to be the victims of violence. This was true even before the shooting in Orlando, and it’s been true for close to a decade, at this point. At this point, we’re far more likely the groups folks most typically think of as the usual targets of hate crimes – Jewish people, or people of color.
We incarcerate more of our population, per capita, than any other country in the world. The clear majority of those are for non-violent drug offenses, and the disproportionate majority of those incarcerated are black. Imagine if we treated more socially acceptable addictions – like prescription drugs, or alcohol – like we do street drugs. If white stockbrokers with a coke problem were landing in prison at the rates we jail black people, racist drug laws would change overnight.
We’ve proven we’re every bit a susceptible to racist and xenophobic fact-free campaigns against “immigrants” – mounted by both Republicans and Democrats – as the racist foaming at the mouth that fueled the Brexit vote. If you think it can’t happen here, you are not paying attention.
We have an entire culture that glorifies guns because we’re idolatrously religious about a constitution that was designed – by its very nature – not to be taken as holy writ.
We have an entire culture that glorifies rape – so long as it’s committed by a well-off white kid, and not a black kid.
Stop telling me the country is already great. It may be great for you, but that’s a luxury not all of us are afforded.
If you really want to counter Trump, MAKE the country great – for everyone. But that isn’t something you can compress into a pithy campaign slogan.


Last summer in Atlantic City at the Bally’s beach club…

You want to go? Be gone.

Okay, so here’s the thing:

In the last day or so, I’ve just had a couple of family members make a public fuss of pretending to be offended by my position on gun control, gun violence, and the second amendment.

Both of these people have known me for decades; one of them is a cousin by blood who’s known me longer.

Neither of them were remotely surprised by my position, though they certainly pretended to be, so they can feel all satisfied with themselves. I will brook no fucking hypocrisy on this shit, whether or not we’re related.

Here is the simple truth: I will not be quiet about this.

If you’re my friend, you’ll either listen, or you won’t.

You don’t have to.

But you also don’t need to register your disagreement, just ’cause, you know, you’re one of the “good guys.”

The time for coddling everybody’s egos in this shit is over. It’s not about you. It’s not about your precious fascination with your “gun rights.”

It is about thousands, and thousands of dead people.

THAT MATTERS MORE than your obsession with guns.

I will not be quiet. I will not stop talking about this, yelling about this, and doing WHATEVER I can, however ineffectively, to change this.

If you don’t want to see it, don’t look.

If you’re “family,” and you feel the need to break off contact with me over this, FEEL THE FUCK FREE. You’ve done it all before, and you’ll do it all again.

I quite simply do not care about your bruised egos.

There’s far more important shit to worry about.

We will not be made invisible in your narratives

Why did NBC label the mornings attack a “Shooting At Gay Club”?

The much more important question is this:

Why did Congressional republicans refuse to acknowledge that it was a shooting at a gay club?

Why did Faux News need to fall all over itself claiming it wasn’t a “hate crime?”

Why did even my MSNBC need to hyperventilate over the possibility of some “connection” to ISIS for hours, and hours, yesterday, when it is pretty much bog fucking obvious that this was one homophobic asshole, who saw a couple of gay men kissing and decided he was going to go kill some queers?

Yes, said asshole claimed “allegiance” to ISIS right before he was killed by the police.

Did he do it before he killed a bunch of queers? No, of course not. He did it in a 911 call, when it was clear he was going to be killed, and he wanted his goddamn 15 minutes of fame.

And here we are, as a culture, dutifully playing our role, and giving it to him.

The bigger question, the much bigger problem is this: why the fuck does this need to be an act of “islamist terrorism” before people give a shit about what happened?

As long as it’s just a bunch of dead queers, well, that’s regrettable, maybe, but it’s not actually all that remarkable, really.

I’m not scared. I’m angry.

As an american queer, are you scared now?

I’m not scared, or at least, I’m no more scared today than I was yesterday, or last month…

But I do have a heightened awareness.

Today, I’m even more aware of how ephemeral our civil rights gains actually are – and I’ve been through this once before.

I’m aware of how desperately news coverage needed this to be a case of “international, islamist terrorism” rather than a homophobic attack on a gay club, because straight folks will care about the former, but it’s not at all sure they give much of a shit about the latter. I can very clearly see this as a case of a homophobic dude who saw a couple of gay men kissing, and flipped out…

And it angers me, in a way I haven’t been angry since ACT UP, that it takes framing this as “islamist terrorism” before the normals give a shit about it.

I’m not scared, or at least, I’m not any more scared than I was.

But I am less willing to think we’re making progress with those normals.

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