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March 2016

If this doesn’t end the “lesser evil” argument from some Democrats…

…nothing will.

You really want me to vote for the “lesser” evil, here?

It is not publicly known how many people, overwhelmingly but not exclusively men, were caught in the CIA’s web of so-called “extraordinary renditions”, extra-judicial transfers of detainees to foreign countries, many of which practiced even more brutal forms of torture than the US came to adopt. Human rights groups over the years have identified at least 50 people the CIA rendered, going back to Bill Clinton’s presidency.

#DebateWithJill on Twitter

CNN had a town hall event with the “final five” (read: major party) candidates that predictably shut out any third parties. So, Jill Stein livetweeted her responses to the candidates during the debate. I’ve collected my favorites for you here…

If we pursue the military imperialism we heard from @HillaryClinton’s speech today at #AIPAC2016 we will never achieve peace.

Most authorities say a 2 state solution is impossible because Israel has sliced & diced Palestinian territories. #DebateWithJill #FinalFive

I believe we should let Israeli and Palestinian human rights groups take the lead on that conflict. #DebateWithJill #FinalFive

We need to impose sanctions against countries that fund terrorism, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar & Turkey. #DebateWithJill #FinalFive

Turkey, Saudia Arabia & Qatar need to stop supporting Sunni terrorist groups, US needs to lead a weapons embargo #DebateWithJill #FinalFive

We don’t need to militarize the border. We just have to stop invading other countries. #DebateWithJill #FinalFive

It’s time for a welcoming oath to citizenship. We are a nation of immigrants. #ImmigrantsWelcome #DebateWithJill #FinalFive

Immigrants are critical for the diversity & vitality of our economy, our communities and our culture. #DebateWithJill #FinalFive

@CKHyppolite Getting the United States to 100% clean energy is absolutely part of a peace offensive. #GreenNewDeal #DebateWithJill

@RoisinGreenEyes @paul_kangas Yes, we may agree on many things, but use of drones is one of the policies that @SenSanders and I disagree on.

I’ll say it again, we don’t have to fight ISIS. We just have to stop funding and arming it. -J #DebateWithJill #FinalFive

Remember how radical Sunni terroism started? It was created by the CIA and Saudi Arabia in Afghanistan. -J #DebateWithJill #FinalFive

The wall to tear down is the one between the United States and Mexico. -J #DebateWithJill #FinalFive

Let’s not ignore the elephant in the room. The war on terror is creating more terror not defeating it. -J #DebateWithJill #FinalFive

Iran is not the leading world sponsor of terrorism. Our ally Saudi Arabia is. -J #DebateWithJill #FinalFive

Yes @tedcruz. People are fed up w/ sleazy slick fast talking Washington politicians. Looked in a mirror lately?-J #FinalFive #DebateWithJill

Wages are driven down by NAFTA & profiteering corporations. Undocumented immigrants are taking the jobs no one else will. -J #FinalFive

The politics of “giving the election” to someone else is a sad state of affairs for our democracy. Vote your conscience. #FinalFive

Two down, three more “major” party candidates to go. Just like the election, we’re in this all the way. #DebateWithJill “#FinalFive”

US needs a foreign policy based on int’l law & human rights, not economic & military domination. That’s what we can’t afford! -J #FinalFive

Regime change is a disastrous foreign policy. In Ukraine like in Honduras. – J #DebateWithJill #FinalFive

.@realDonaldTrump, yes let’s stop the stabbings in Israel, but how about we stop the massacres? #DebateWithJill #FinalFive

It’s time to end the occupation as a first step towards peace in Israel & Palestine. -J #DebateWithJill #FinalFive

It’s not just about “making a deal” @realDonaldTrump. It’s about justice. These are people’s lives, not business transactions. -J #FinalFive

While standing up to bullies like @realDonaldTrump are important, we also need to stand up to predatory corps funding predatory candidates.

Corporate media is a threat to democracy. It’s time to take the public airwaves back for public use. -J #DebateWithJill #FinalFive @CNN

More free advertising for Trump as each candidate is asked about him. Let’s talk about issues. #FinalFive #DebateWithJill

The Iranian nuclear deal addressed a threat that does not exist according to all security agencies. -J #DebateWithJill #FinalFive

Iranian deal missed the boat on real nuclear bombs in Israel, Pakistan, & India that already threaten the region. #DebateWithJill #FinalFive

Hillary, the best way to come to a resolution is not a “give & take among friends”, it’s respect for human rights & int’l law. #FinalFive

@MaxBlumenthal The Green Party has stood for BDS for over 10 years–and our campaign supports it as well. #DebateWithJill

Let’s talk about the $100bn in weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, which is a flamethrower applied to the Middle East. – J #FinalFive

No questions yet on the biggest crisis the human race faces – #ClimateChange. #FinalFive #DebateWithJill

Tech companies must not be forced to create a backdoor into cell phones. Private industry should not become an arm of the security state. -J

“Nations that sacrifice privacy for security wind up losing them both” -Benjamin Franklin #DebateWithJill #FinalFive

Garland is a lackluster #SCOTUSnominee. Fear mongers say we should vote for the lesser evil Dems to nominate & that’s all we get? #FinalFive

Another way third parties are suppressed: ballot access laws. Volunteer 2 help get Jill on the ballot in your state!

People are fleeing to the US because of illegal coups like the one Hillary supported in Honduras. -J #DebateWithJill #FinalFive.

“Getting results is what I’m best at…” which results Hillary? Results like Libya? -J #DebateWithJill #FinalFive

The problem isn’t just unemployment in Palestine. The problem is the pillage of Palestine by Israel. #FinalFive #DebateWithJill

Israeli settlements are a violation of international law. Period. -J #DebateWithJill #FinalFive

Bernie, we do not need to continue military aid to Israel. It’s war crimes & human rights violations are off the charts. #FinalFive

@DrJillStein @Wild_Card09 jill why are you running for president serious non bullshit question
Reply: @the3star2nr @Wild_Card09 Because we urgently need a #GreenNewDeal that puts people, planet, and peace over profit. #DebateWithJill

No Bernie, the Saudis are not the solution to violence in the Middle East. They’re a major cause of the violence. #DebateWithJill #FinalFive

It’s time to normalize relations with Cuba, shut down Guantanamo and return the land to them. -J #DebateWithJill #FinalFive

Let’s be honest, Cuba is a poor country because of the US embargo, we need to end it. #DebateWithJill #FinalFive

US subversion of the Cuban government has encouraged an authoritarian regime. Constructive engagement will help dismantle this. #FinalFive

Trump is a creation of the corporate media. He shows why corporate media is as dangerous as corporate government. #FinalFive #DebateWithJill

The problem is not just the billionaires. It’s also the political parties that the billionaires control. #DebateWithJill #FinalFive

Let’s take it further Bernie, I support not only making college free, but abolishing student debt entirely. #DebateWithJill #FinalFive

Looks like I’m the only candidate that did not WANT to go to the #AIPAC2016 influence peddling conference. -J #FinalFive

I believe you’re leaving out my presidential campaign. #CNNTownHall #FinalFive #DebateWithJill Dr. Jill Stein added,
(In reply to: The only presidential candidate who is Jewish is the one who is by far the fairest to Palestinians. This is why I love America. #CNNTownhall)

The revolution will not be televised and it won’t happen in the Democratic Party. We’re here to keep it alive. #ImWithJill #FinalFive

Hey @CNN, don’t lock out the 50% of Americans who are not Democrats or Republicans. Let’s make it a real debate next time. #FinalFive

We need an independent party…

We need an independent political party which is not controlled by Wall Street, predatory banks, by fossil fuel giants, by war profiteers, and by pharmaceutical companies, and the rest. We need a party that is of, by, and for the people.

It can happen here…

So very worth a read (go read the whole thing):

Some years ago one could have argued that there would be restraint in the use of such powers. But no one can seriously make that case anymore. We all know they would do that sort of thing if they could, because we’ve all read of too many cases where they have.

Once the tool exists, it will be abused. I really wish I could say otherwise. I wish I lived in a country where law enforcement acted with the square-jawed nobility of a comic book FBI agent. I used to think I did live in such a country, but in recent years I have been forced to realize that I don’t. I think that, in your heart, you know it too.