It’s time to be scared of the Republicans again

This is among the best explanations why I left the two-party, “lesser of two evils” system when I left the Democratic Party in 2001. We’re never going to get parties that represent our interests as Leftists if we keep funding the Democrats as the only “realistic” choice.

The message is clear: You might be achingly disappointed by the first three years of the Obama presidency–by the bailout of Wall Street while millions of homeowners face foreclosure, by the failure to push for a real jobs program, by the betrayal of the promise of universal health care, and by the capitulation to the Republicans’ deficit hysteria, even while the Bush-era tax cuts for the super-rich were preserved. But it’s time to set that aside, and be scared of the Republicans again–and work for Obama and the Democrats in order to stop the “greater evil.” 

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