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September 2011

To All Occupy Wall Street Participants

This. This. A thousand times, this. Read the whole thing over on Reddit. Go. Now. Seriously. Then show up tomorrow in cop camouflage.

To all Occupy Wall Street participants, here is the key to your victory… (for serious)
submitted 8 hours ago by HotKarlMarx 

Guys, listen. Here’s the deal.
I love you guys with every shred of my hard-left leaning heart. But I think you might be doing something wrong. Here is one thing that can help you.
Tomorrow, wear a polo and khakis
Seriously. polos and khakis. Every time you guys DO finally get some fucking press, it’s a scrawny dude with dreads in a ratty t-shirt. You’re going big here, dress it. Tomorrow, Polo shirt and Khakis. (more…)

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