Nathan Winograd: It’s Deja Vu All Over Again

Nathan Winograd, on the lies used to receive grant funding (requiring that no healthy, adoptable animals be killed, the Maddie’s Fund grant) for kill shelters, that still kill roughly half of the animals they take in:

We know it is a lie because as the number of animals killed who are claimed to be healthy dropped to zero, the number of so-called “untreatable” animals killed has increased. For example, the number of animals killed deemed “untreatable” increased from 576 to a whopping 3,486. Likewise, the number of “treatable” animals killed also spiked, from 31,568 to 37,888. Maricopa County officials also excluded 4,107 animals who they claim were killed at the request of the people surrendering them. Their lives were not counted in reporting results, the statistics—and the animals—swept under the rug. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: pounds and “shelters” do not create No Kill by killing as they always have, but simply recategorizing animals as “unadoptable” or “untreatable” and then killing them. We achieve No Kill by actually saving their lives. In fact, the latest report is an analysis in failure.

“Shelters” that take in grants from the no-kill movement that haven’t bothered to change their kill rates one bit? This is the very essence of our myopic approach to animal “welfare.” Donate to no-kills. Adopt from traditional “shelters.” Do not buy from breeders. Ever.

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