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March 2011

University of Utah agrees to stop using shelter animals for experimentation.

Good job PETA! I’m often critical of PETA’s “stupid human tricks” that trivialize animal rights using nearly naked women or celebrities in many of their campaigns. It’s good to give them some credit where it’s due – and it’s good that the University of Utah is at least modifying some of its animal experimentation procedures (via The Peta Files):

“According to The Salt Lake Tribune, some U experiments have “completely halted” now that faculty members can no longer exploit animal shelters as a cheap and easy source of test subjects. The inability to obtain animals from shelters may have also helped prompt the U and the Primary Children’s Medical Center to end the use of cats for intubation training (which PETA had also vigorously protested) and to switch to infant-patient simulators.” 

Um. Utah? Why? UT HB210 Back before the Utah Senate

So, Utah’s back with their “humane” feral cat bill, now headed to the Utah Senate. Really? The Utah legislature hasn’t ever considered funding actually humane trap-neuter-release programs instead (via Friends of Animals)?

“Utah HB210, allowing the shooting of suspected feral animals with legal impunity, has been restored in full, and it has made it past the House and into the Senate. If it isn’t stopped, this odious piece of legislation will allow cat, dog, and pigeon shooting in any area of Utah where firearms can be discharged.”